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Destination Services
Destination Moving

Coburn's Worldwide Moving can provide quality destination service anywhere in Canada. Our Destination Service includes:

  • Assistance with customs clearance
  • Coburn's Worldwide International moving crews to unload, unpack and set up to the customer’s satisfaction. We will also remove all the debris on the same day as delivery
  • Coburn’s will have each customer complete our Quality Assurance Report and also sign the inventory
  • Coburn’s can assist on insurance claim procedures if required
  • Along with our invoice we will attach the signed inventory and Quality Assurance report
  • For shipments delivering in Canada from an overseas location please consign your shipment to Coburn’s as follows:

      Customer Name (as written in passport)
      C/O Coburn's Worldwide Moving Systems Inc.
      1901 Forbes Street
      Whitby, Ontario
      L1N 9A7 Canada

    Documentation Required to Import Used Household Goods to Canada

    When importing used household goods, Canada Customs recognizes your status in Canada as one of the following:

    Landed Immigrant (Settlers): In order to Customs Clear your goods the following is required: A copy of your passport, copy of inventory, Original B4E accounting document with customs stamp issued at the time of your arrival in Canada, along with a copy of your permanent residence card or anything that shows your status in Canada.

    Work Permit Holders (Seasonal Residents):  In order to Customs Clear your goods the following is required: A copy of your passport, copy of inventory, copy of your work permit and a “Letter of Undertaking” from your employer showing start date and possible length of employment.

    Returning Canadian Citizen:  In order to Customs Clear your goods the following is required:  Proof of being abroad for more than 1 year; rent/mortgage receipts, tax receipt, utility bill, letter from previous employer, etc. A copy of your passport, copy of the inventory, Original stamped B4E  issued at the time of your arrival in Canada along with the original B15 (Casual Goods Accounting Document – blue & white form) if this form was issued by Customs when you re-entered Canada.

    Returning Canadian (away for less than one year):  You must clear customs in-person, if you are more than 125 km away from our bonded facility, every effort will be made to transport your goods to the nearest Customs House to you. Please take your passport, Original stamped B4E or anything issued when you re-entered Canada, copy of inventory.

    Inheritance:   In order to Customs Clear your goods the following is required: Please take the attached B4E to the nearest customs office and have them stamp it because you have “Goods to Follow” then mail the original to us along with:  Proof of Canadian residency, copy of the will or death certificate, copy of inventory. If you already have a stamped B4E, please mail it to us.

    The B4E (Personal Effects Accounting Document) should be completed before you enter Canada so that when you arrive at the airport, you can give it to Customs to stamp (please tell them you have “GOODS TO FOLLOW”). Should Customs take your original and give you a photocopy, please have the Customs Officer stamp the photocopy for you as Coburn’s Worldwide must receive the B4E with an original stamp. A B4E is necessary for each category except for a Work Permit Holder entering Canada for less than 3 years. If you have a work permit for 3 years or more, you will require a stamped B4E.

    CLICK HERE for a PDF copy of the B4E form.

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